Uzumaki Hinata and her inner monologue

Uzumaki Hinata and her inner monologue hentai666

Little intro about the story from Hinata’s perspective:

“Good evening. It’s Uzumaki Hinata. I know this is sudden, but I have an embarrassing story to tell. Lately, I’ve been sexually frustrated!
My husband is Uzumaki Naruto, the first and last person I loved. The hero of our village. But ever since he was inaugurated as the seventh Hokage, he’s been busy with his duties every day and he almost always comes home late at night. A short time after his inauguration, I was waiting in the living room for my husband who was late coming home, and then…”

In short Naruto tells his wife that she shouldn’t wait this long for him. As the Hokage he has an important job and so he must get enough sleep after work. Thus there isn’t much time left for Hinata.

“And so since he got mad and told me to go to bed at night and not to worry about him, I’ve started going to bed early (I’m really awake and waiting thought…). And my husband is very quiet when he comes home in the middle of the night, so as not to wake the family. He takes a shower (he may or may not eat dinner) and shortly thereafter gets in the same bed with me.”

Puh, pretty long intro I must say. Well so how is Hinata going to solve this sexual frustration. She could of course masturbate (like she did in ‘that other’ Doujinshi). However, in this case she takes another route…

The average male with a normal libido gets about 5-7 erections per night while sleeping (so he usually doesn’t even remember), and let me put it like this – at some point Hinata starts using these “sleeping erections“!

Author: Shimoyake                                                     Color: Black and White

Pages: 45                                                                   Language: English