Three-Man Cell ga Iroiro Okashii

Three-Man Cell ga Iroiro Okashii

Sakura has the great idea to try out some new medicine on Naruto. Of course young Uzumaki will do whatever “the love of his youth” tells him to.

What he couldn’t have known was that the village has made a secret plan to achieve peace. It’s actually pretty easy. The medicine that was given to him was actually a combination of forbidden medicine and magic, that transforms the consumer into a female. That means our main protagonist is now a SHE! Her name is Naruko (you might have known this from the times when Naruto used his favorite Sexy Jutsu).

So what’s next? What is the great plan Sakura was talking about? Both Sasuke and Naru are strong enough to keep the peace and order of the ninja village and the world… however to ensure the safety of the next generation they need to “make” an offspring who will carry on after them! So instead of both of them having kids, they will create an ultimate warrior who will inherit both the Sharingan and the Senju genetics. Now it doesn’t seem like Sasuke has any problems with the plan, but if our future Hokage will agree with this is a another question.

Author: Imai Hanako                                                   Color: Black and White

Pages: 21                                                                   Language: English