Naruto You’re my sweet – I love you darling

Your my sweet I love you darling

You’re my sweet – I love you darling is a really cute/kawaii hentai manga with Naruto and Hinata. Pretty much 70% of the words used in this xxx Doujinshi are “I love you” and at some point it seems even a little annoying. Yet, once you get to the end of this adult sex book you will notice how long Hinata actually waited to say those words to her darling.

She was in love with him since a long time, pretty much since they met the first time. And yet it took her this much time to confess her feelings to him. It’s just common sense that your feelings of ecstasy during the moment of very intimate sex with that very same beloved person, leaves you completely ignorant towards your clumsy and somewhat embarrassing sentences/words.

Still, the main point that I’m trying to make here is, that Naruto NOT ONCE stopped banging Hinata with his slow but powerful strokes!

Author: Shimoyake                                                     Color: Black and White

Pages: 20                                                                   Language: English