Naruto – Konoha’s Secret Service

Naruto - Konoha's Secret Service hentai666

Welcome to the first part of Konoha’s secreet service. This story starts with a Sasuke xxx Sakura pairing and finishes off with Tsunade xxx Sasuke. Here is a short intro from the first scene.

Welcome Home. Geez, you just casually show up again?! How’s Sarada? She’s sleeping. It’s already late after all.
Is that so? I guess that’s convenient for us, huh? You mean. It’s fine, isn’t it? But well, you just got home and it’s been a while. Has it been lonely with me gone? It looks like your pussy is throbbing in anticipation. What are you saying? This is the prove isn’t it? (No way he just suddently put his finger inside, Not only that… he is kissing me too!)”

Author: Echigawa Ryuuka                                          Color: Black and White

Pages: 24                                                                   Language: English