Naruto – Konoha’s Secret Service 2

Naruto - Konoha's Secret Service 2 hentai666

Here we have the second part of Naruto – Konoha’s Secret Service 2. Don’t worry, you can expect as much xxx action as in the first part (maybe even more). Here is the plot… (actually there are several various plots, but well we have to start somewhere :P).

Story 1: Shikamaru and Naruto are having a briefing about the schedule of the current Hokage. Sakura wants to get to Naruto, but since he is so busy she can’t be with him all the time. And who knows when Sasuke will come home so that her pussy has something to do. As soon as Shikamaru left the room, horny Sakura ran into the Hokage’s office and pretty much asked to be banged right away.

Story 2: Second scene is a solo with Hinata. Like I previously mentioned the head of the village is always busy with work, so he barely comes home at time. And when he does he just wants to eat and to sleep. So Hinata doesn’t get much sexy time either. What to do, what to do… How about using some nasty big dildo and masturbating all day!? Doesn’t sound bad, does it? Yet, next time before she starts some hentai solo xxx, Hinata should make sure that Boruto is not at home as well!

Story 3: The third story is a very short sex scene between Sasuke and Tsunade.

Author: Echigawa Ryuuka                                          Color: Black and White

Pages: 24                                                                   Language: English