NaruSaku Spin-off Part 2

NaruSaku Spin-off Part 2

We continue right away with NaruSaku Spin-off Part 2. Now let us see what we have here. Let’s open with a nice conversation between Sakura and the current Hokage.

Naruto You haven’t cleaned up at all, have you? Before I go home you’re going to make sure this place is clean, alright? Geez... I was just thinking about starting now, huh? Sakura-chan did you cut your hair?

NO NO NO, wait! We got somewhat off the road here, didn’t we? Yeah right, this is the spot where things get heated up…

You know you’re the one who flashed your ass at me, Sakura-chan. It’s like you wanted me to peek. Which means that after peeking you wanted to be touched as well. *rub* *rub*, so soft… I just want to dig in. Naruto… Stop it…!


Author: Echigawa Ryuuka                                          Color: Black and White

Pages: 19                                                                   Language: English