Konoha no Sei Shorigakari [Full Color]

Konoha no Sei Shorigakari [Full Color] hentai 666

Due to the overuse of a specific ninja technique Naruto has hurt his hand and now he can’t do anything on his own. Even jerking off isn’t possible right now. So that’s why he asks Tsunade for help.



(Tsunade’s Thoughts)

Oh Yeah! Baa-chan’s blowjobs are the best! I can’t believe you’re sucking my dick… (Uuh… Don’t tell me, this is what Naruto has been aiming form? His dick is the real deal. Is it because I haven’t had any for ages? I’m feeling hot just from sucking his dick.) I can’t hold it anymore, I’m gonna cum! Now I wanna see more of your pussy, but since my hands are like this… Can you spread your pussy’s lips for me so I can see? D-Don’t get carried away! I only went down on you because I pitied you. The Hokage doesn’t do embarrassing things like this, okay!? I see~! So this is an adult woman’s pussy~! Ahh, geez! I get it already! Stare at it all you like, you horny bastard! (Ugh… I’m so embarrassed I could die… how did I get in this mess? Now that Jiraiya’s gone, I didn’t think there was a single man that wanted to have sex with me. Wow, his cock is so huge, if this goes inside me, maye it’ll reach my belly… Shit, I can’t take it anymore!)”


Author: Shimoyake                                                     Color: Black and White

Pages: 45                                                                   Language: English