BLUE Ao (138.9)

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Let us start off with our new Naruto hentai manga section. Like you guys already know this blog was created solely for naruto xxx doujinshi.

We begin with a short yet very intense story about the relationship of sexy MILF Tsunade and (still in good shape) DILF Jiraiya.

Our rare in hentai manga portrayed old ninja couple comes back from a successful Konoha mission and everything seems to be fine, that is if we ignore the fact that Jiraiya can’t get an erection!  Yes, I know what you are thinking. Erectile dysfunction in an adult doujinshi?? No way, right. Yet we are in exactly that situation here.

Believe me I have no idea how you can’t get a boner, seeing sexy hime Tsunade naked lying on the bed. Little spoiler ahead, you won’t find many sex scenes in this one. It’s more about the “relationship” between these two, who somehow never managed to be a real couple.

Final conclusion? If you are not ready for a philosophical plot, then you should better skip this one!

Author: 138.9                                                              Color: Black and White

Pages: 11                                                                   Language: English