A High Summer Visit

A High Summer Visit naruto.hentai666.com

Today is the day of “Shikamaru’s and Temari’s joint birthday celebration”. Not sure if the previous sentence does sound right, but that’s how it was translated from the original Japanese Raw Doujinshi. Don’t blame me ^^.

Now back to the story. All excited about the upcoming celebration, Shikamaru even bought an expensive piece of jewelry. What the young Jonin ninja did not expect was the absence of Temari. Well, that is not right. One Temari is at home and preparing dinner, but it’s her full body clone. Neither her boyfriend knew that she could perform this kind of shinobi technique.

Once dinner was ready, the love couple sat down and started eating the food Temari’s clone was preparing. After the very first bite Shikamaru’s face said more than 1000 words could say. Let me put it like this, it was not delicious. Well, you can’t expect too much from a mere clone.

Before the girlfriend’s clone could get depressed about the bad tasting food, Shikamaru switched the eating session into a kissing session! After that things proceeded pretty fast. I don’t want to tell you too many details, but during the sex scenes you won’t just see Temari’s clone, but also… Never mind, see for yourself 😉

Author: Naruhodo                                                        Color: Black and White

Pages: 39                                                                   Language: English